Future Group has over 15 years of experience in the lighting industry with over 8 lighting retail outlets across the territory; Future Lighting is one of the largest lighting retail, distribution and project groups in Hong Kong. We have truly become one of the top distributors for lighting products in the retail sector in Hong Kong & Macau. Enabling us to offer you the most professional service that you can find in the industry.

Future Lighting continues to work with architects, designers and contractors in supplying them many different famous brands from worldwide to meet their needs, designs and projects. With our in house lighting designers and engineers, we continue to offer the best lighting solution for your projects. Our wide range of projects not only offer solutions for residential or hospitality sectors, but also for projects in landscape and retail environment. We fully recognize that no two projects are the same and that each customer's requirements are unique; that's why our professional project team is here to help with projects of any size; be it residential customers looking to change from traditional to Led Light Bulb, retail customers wanting to install new Led Sign or warehouse / buildings going green and changing to Led Light Tube, all of which are welcomed by our team who will be able to offer the best recommendation of the right products combined with the best & most professional service.

Our Intelligent and Integrated Office with advance logistic services enables us to minimize cost and maximize efficiency to suit your budget and tight schedule. With our experience, passion and knowledge, our team continues to grow to become your best lighting partners.

We are the sole representative in Hong Kong for many different lighting brands from around the world; as such we have a large and wide array of high quality lighting options available on hand. Apart from this we are also able to customized items tailored to the requirements of the customer and the project.

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Flow of our job duties:
Design → Specification → Supply → Install

What we do


Our in house project team has all the necessary tools to formulate and design a plan that fulfills any requirements our clients might have. We understand that big things grow from small beginnings, that is why we focus on getting the details right so the outcome is perfect. If the perfect light isn't available for the project then we have the facilities to design one that fulfills your specification and achieves the perfect look.


At Future Lighting we believe that aesthetics and function go hand in hand and therefore we want to provide lighting that fulfills the specification but also looks appropriate for the project. We have spec sheets for each light fitting that contains technical drawings, pictures and detailed product specifications that are available to our customers. From the wide array of lighting at our disposal we are able to specify the exact product for any design.


Future Lighting is one of the largest suppliers of Luminaries and lighting products in the territory. This, along with our host of exclusive partners means we can supply all products necessary to complete even the most demanding of projects.


We have a dedicated professional team available to install and maintain all equipment required for a project. Our project team works as a complete unit which enables us to understand the feasibility of light placement from our electricians so we can complete a project from start to finish without compromising your plans.

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